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Andy Cain

Andy Cain is a biblically qualified and ordained Elder/Pastor in Christ’s church. He preached his first sermon on January 4, 2009, and has pastored one church, and is currently seeking where God will lead him next. Andy currently resides in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina with his family.


He is a graduate of Liberty University and also graduated from the “School Of The Shepherds” which is a course designed to train biblically qualified Elders/Pastor for the work of ministry. It is a function of the Biblical Eldership Resources ministry.

God Centered Theology Goals

God Centered

Far too much theology, and biblical content in our world today is man-centered rather than God-Centered. The Bible is consistent in its God-centered approach and outlook which means that we should be as well.

God Honoring

If we are to be God-Centered, it follows that we must also be God-honoring. We honor God when our faith motivates us to operate on His terms and for His purposes. It is in our God-centered approaches that we truly honor God.

God Glorifying

Finally, if one is God-centered and is seeking to be God-honoring, they will naturally, be God-glorifying. Soli Deo Gloria means that all glory is due to God and God alone. Everything on this network will only be for God’s glory.


Start Small

Starting small means starting small in scale. We all have dreams and we all want to be successful but nobody starts out where they will end up. It is a process and a journey that takes a lifetime of work. The ultimate goal is to live and work within God’s will for our life but no matter what God has planned for us, it will take time to develop.

Do Something

Even though the goal is to start small there still remains the issue of accomplishment. Nobody ever accomplished anything by doing nothing. One can have all the goals in the world but if one never makes any effort then it is guaranteed that they will never achieve them. One can only pursue and learn God’s will if one is actively pursuing God’s will.

Build & Grow

Building & Growing takes time, patience, and resilience. It will take both success and failure to see your dreams grow over time. One must be willing to discard that which is hindering growth and pursue those things leading to it. These difficult decisions are made over time and one must be resilient even in the fact of setbacks and failures.

Services Provided

Online Ministry Development

Online ministry begins with a dream and a leading by the Spirit into that area of ministry. We will walk you through how to pray and develop a plan of action to determine what areas of online ministry you will be involved in and also a timeline of how to bring it into reality.

Website Creation And Development

A vital part of any online ministry is to have a home for your content. We will help you in the creation, development, and training needed to establish and grow your ministry over time. There are many options to guide you to the best option for your online ministry.

Podcast Production & Development

As a part of your ministry, there may be some audio and video content. We can help you with all of the vital elements like recording, editing, and publishing content. Everything from microphones, to lighting, to cameras, we can walk you through every step of the process.

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