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You Might Be In A Dying Church If…

You Might Be In A Dying Church If...

A dying church is certainly nothing to celebrate. Anytime a local body of believers ceases to be for whatever reason, it should cause pain in our hearts because the goal is to see a body grow in maturity and make disciples and impact their community. However, there have been many churches that have come and gone for various reasons and while there is plenty of books and articles that address the causes and paths that lead to death for a church, today I want to give some bullet-line items that I feel can best sum up the nature of a dying church in true Jeff Foxworthy style. Many of us no doubt remember the “You might be a redneck if…” from Jeff Foxworthy. Well, for me, this is the church edition of that.

You Might Be In A Dying Church If...

  1. Altar Calls and how they are performed are a higher priority than whether actual lives are changed.

  2. The by-laws hold an equal or higher level of authority than Scripture.

  3. The budget is contended over with more fervor than whether the church is getting the gospel out to the community.

  4. Your attendance is falling faster than the raindrops outside.

  5. The average age of your membership is 65 and up.

  6. The offering is seen as leverage and a means to power rather than giving for use in the church that which God already owns.

  7. The Pastor is seen as an employee or hired hand rather than God’s ordained overseer and elder.

  8. There is a power group that is so entrenched even Satan’s angels won’t dare defy them.

  9. Preferences have turned into idols that are worshiped more than God Himself.

  10. There are more spectators than active players on the field.

  11. Business meetings are held more than prayer meetings.

  12. The percentage of deacons to the total active body is growing faster than people’s faith.

  13. When people abandon the church because they did not get their way, but get applauded when they return because they do something that no one else can do.

  14. When “visiting” is used to complain about the Pastor instead of seeing it as an opportunity for ministry on behalf of the one complaining.

  15. When what the Pastor is wearing is more important than what he is preaching.

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